19 Nov 2012

3by3 Hibernation/SALE!.....

2012 has been a great year for 3by3.

The label had up to this point, simply been a means of output for the sounds we love, generally releasing unsigned or lesser known artists. It's a big step to work with an established artist and 2012 saw us take on the mammoth JK Flesh album, our most significant project to date.

The release was a resounding success and got all the coverage and positive response we could have hoped for. I feel we did Justin's music and his loyal fanbase some justice and learned a great deal in the process.

The real question since has been 'what do we do next?'

Strange as it may seem, the answer is to shut down and take a few months off.

There are a number of logistical and administrative issues (yawn) which demand our attention and we're looking to make a number of changes across the board before releasing anything else. Combined with new year and A+Ring of new releases, we decided to just take a few months off.

On 1st December 2012 the shop will close down and the website will be replaced with a holding page until new plans are revealed.

In the meantime, the next fortnight will see price reductions on physical products at the 3by3 store with some releases up to 50% off. Head over now to grab yourself a bargain.


To keep up to speed with developments while we're hibernating, remember to follow us on twitter and put your email address in the box above.

Have a lovely solstice everyone, see you on the flip side.

28 Aug 2012

3by3 Label Mixtape Aug2012.....

Winter is coming. It's that time of year again that 3by3 goes into hibernation to consider plans for the coming year. We've already had our A&R hats on for the last few months and we're really looking forward to forthcoming releases.

With said releases being so far away though, we're just too excited to sit on these tracks so we've thrown together another label mixtape to get us through the winter. Tracklist and artist info follows...

A 45 minute selection of sounds we're enjoying over at 3by3. The label will be hibernating over the next few months to prepare for forthcoming releases so this mixtape acts as an indication of what to expect from our schedule in 2013 and beyond.

There are a whole bunch of unknown artists here for you to get acquainted with, alongside a couple of more established names.

Special thanks to Ngrrr and the Small But Hard label.

# | time | artist - track - label
01 | 00:00-03:42 | Vorrs - Monu - (unreleased)
02 | 03:23-07:20 | Vorrs - Game Over - (unreleased)
03 | 07:03-10:20 | Dead Fader - Creeeeep - (unreleased)
04 | 10:10-12:55 | Dead Fader - Dusk - (unreleased)
05 | 12:31-16:22 | (C_C) - Doumdoum - (unreleased)
06 | 16:08-21:05 | (C_C) - P u l s A t i o N - (unreleased)
07 | 21:02-23:11 | Anbu - 005 - (unreleased)
08 | 23:10-26:13 | Ontal - Radiation - (unreleased)
09 | 25:02-28:56 | Cezary Gapik - #0534 [Emphasis] - (unreleased)
10 | 28:45-31:47 | Oyaarss - Slāņu Nozīmīgums - (unreleased)
11 | 31:45-33:48 | Oyaarss - Naida Dziesma - (unreleased)
12 | 33:31-37:35 | Cezary Gapik - #0520 [Fission] - (unreleased)
13 | 36:30-39:55 | DOS4GW - You Know Who You Are - (self-released)
14 | 39:52-42:43 | DJ Scotch Bonnet & Sensational - Rocking With Pro - Small But Hard
15 | 42:43-44:20 | DA-10 - The Future Is Futureless (Ngrrr remix) - (unreleased)

Dead Fader - facebook.com/deadfader
Oyaarss - oyaarss.com
DOS4GW - dos4gw.com
DJ Scotch Bonnet & Sensational - small-but-hard.com

25 Jul 2012

3by3 Mammoth Label Update.....

So.......... following a much needed break after the JK Flesh releases, 3by3 is back to the drawing board to make some decisions about our forward moves.

Supersonic Taster Shows - August
Coming up imminently are a couple of JK Flesh live shows alongside the mighty King Midas Sound as part of the Supersonic Festival Taster Shows. Presented by Capsule in association with The Quietus, the dates are 4th August in Birmingham and 9th August in London. Tickets for Birmingham here and London here.

Supersonic Festival - October
Off the back of these two huge shows, 3by3 will also be representing at this year's Supersonic Festival 2012 in October. Mr Broadrick will again be presenting his JK Flesh project to crush some heads and we'll also have a 3by3 store in the marketplace with all physical products on sale at cheap prices - come along and say hi! :)

So, where next?
We're really pleased with how the JK Flesh project has gone and Mr Broadrick along with the majority of his fans seem to be happy too, which was always the chief concern. However, there are a lot of decisions to be made regarding the future of the label - don't let this whole digital revolution fool you into thinking that putting music out is easy.

Right now, we have no idea how it's all going to go down but there are so many artists we're excited about, we just have to share them so coming up very soon will be another 3by3 label mix to give some indication of artists we're hoping to work with in 2013 and beyond.

We're also sitting on a couple of killer remixes that we want to get out somehow soon but we're keeping those cards close to our chest for the time being.

Thanks to everyone for the continued support! - remember to follow us on Twitter and KEEP BUYING PHYSICAL!!!!!


14 Jun 2012

Posthuman dusted.....

The Posthuman LPs are finally done and are making their way to you now. The final products were hand-assembled by me personally and we're all really happy with the final results - we hope you guys are too!

140g vinyl in white paper sleeves housed in reverse-board, individually hand-screened and numbered outer sleeves. All wrapped in a resealable bag with a POS sticker on the outside.

So pleased to see the whole thing come together at last. Stock will be landing at retailers over this week and if you haven't done so already, you can order the LP over at the 3by3 store here.

The Daymare Recordings' Japanese Double-CD version of the album is also now available featuring over 30mins of bonus material. We have a very limited number available at the 3by3 store here.


I think that's it now, all done and dusted.

Huge thanks to all the fans and critics for being so supportive with this mammoth undertaking, and a special thank you to all at the Avalanchers forum for the feedback and guidance.


22 May 2012

Posthuman 2LP and 2CD editions update.....

Hugest, sincerest apologies to all of you still waiting for the Posthuman vinyl and Japanese editions. We have had significant delays out of our control AGAIN and have had to push release dates back even further.

A lot of you have pre-ordered the vinyl and I'm really sorry you've had to wait so long. The Posthuman Double-LP is our most ambitious, most expensive and most significant release to date and we want to ensure we're doing it justice. In addition to significant delays in manufacture, it was decided (not by me) very late in the process that I should assemble the products myself to ensure better quality, and that the LPs would now be housed in resealable bags rather than a cellophane wrapping. LONG STORY SHORT - They're still coming as soon as possible, but not as soon as any of us would have hoped. Be assured that I'm working as fast as I can to get the products to you as soon as possible. Again, apologies!

Secondly, the 2CD Japanese edition released through Daymare Recordings is finally making its way to me, and the plan is to add a pre-order section to the 3by3 store in the next week. The Daymare edition features a second CD with over 30mins of bonus material exclusive to that version and not available digitally. As soon as I have stock it will go straight up but be warned - Japanese imports don't come cheap!

Thanks for your continued patience. To stay up-to-date on all that's 3by3, please find us on Twitter and Facebook, and join the mailing list on the right >>>


7 May 2012

Label Update.....

Firstly, the 3by3 store has finally gone live. We're running the shop through Greedbag and we've got stock of every 3by3 release to date including the early Cloaks 12"s. Head over to www.3by3music.com to have a look and if you're new to the label, please take some time to check out our back catalogue.

Today is also the official release date for JK Flesh - Posthuman on CD and Download so make sure to go grab a copy if you haven't already.

The Posthuman Double-LPs are progressing nicely but have, as expected, been delayed due to the intense labour involved. 3BY3009LP is our most ambitious product to date by far and because of this, we've endeavoured to give it the special treatment wherever possible.

Reverse-board sleeves have been individually screen-printed by hand to give a grungy, truly unique aesthetic and we're making surplus stock to ensure quality control. We've consciously gone for a guerilla tone with this one though so don't expect the accuracy of full-colour print! Each of the 500 will also be hand-numbered before being sent to plant to be shrink wrapped and stickered for point of sale. Here are some pictures from the process. Huge thanks again to Stew Print Rooms for the assistance!

25 Apr 2012

Insert Spanner.....

We've just learned that the JK Flesh 'Posthuman' CD release has been delayed in printing and therefore, we have had to move release date to 7th May 2012.

I know a lot of folks will be disappointed but there's nothing to be done - shit happens etc. - we'll all have to just be patient for an extra week.

In the meantime, we're hard working on screen printing the LP sleeves with Stew Print Rooms. As you can see, the test prints look amazing and we're all really excited to see the finished results.

Elsewhere, there has been some great quality fan-footage arise from Mr Broadrick's Roadburn 2012 residency including his JK Flesh performance. Much love to the guy who took the time to record and upload all the footage - you didn't want credit but you know who you are ;-)

More updates to follow over the next week.