13 Oct 2009

Abstractions 001 with Oyaarss

Abstractions001 - Oyaarss - "A la Holeage"
A: Original mix
B: Cloaks remix

I'm very pleased to announce the imminent release of this 12". The all black package should hit shelves Monday if all goes well. You can hear snippets at our myspace pages. Here's the blurb.....

"The excellent Creative Space label from Greece takes an away day for this extra-special release on their Abstractions imprint. Oyaarss is as broadly agreeable as the name may suggest, finding the original of 'A la Holeage' becoming a firm unreleased favourite of Mary Ann Hobbs, and rapidly becoming notorious amongst noise and experimental fans, not to mention the more sonically adventurous dubsteppers. Cloaks take the opportunity to put down their most sonically extreme material to date, as downright nasty certainly as anything yet emitted from their studios. A matching of like minds offers stunning and yet differing results -- where Oyaarss occupies an obliterated post-hardcore landscape, Cloaks almost allow you to experience the very elapsing moments of obliteration. Thoroughly invigorating and highly recommended!"

I love Oyaarss' music, and this is the classic track that everyone knows of his. It was a great pleasure to remix and I hope this release will wet mouths ready for his full-length outing on 3by3 next year.

Elsewhere, there are remixes happening in all shapes and sizes but don't want to give it all away here. 2010 is going to be busy.


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