28 Oct 2009

Last night in Prague.....

Many thanks to everyone who turned out to the show last night. A genuinely pleasant experience all-round - no attitude, professional promoters, up-for-it crowd, smoking indoors - awesome!

Apologies for the constant needle jumps during our set. Half of the rig was actually on the stage, and when you consider that the stage is essentially a resonant wooden box, it's maybe not the best bet for avoiding stage vibration. It honestly felt like being in an underground bunker during a bombing. Anyway, I hope you still enjoyed what you heard despite the skips, we really enjoyed ourselves regardless, and met some really nice people along the way.

Zomby didn't turn up (shocker) and so Gaslamp Killer stepped in at short notice despite being a flu-ridden shell of a human being - he came through like a real soldier and performed an amazingly energetic set considering the circumstances - the people of prague should thank him.

The Bug ripped it up as was expected - my ears are still ringing and I'm fairly religious about wearing my ear-plugs!

MluvĂ­te anglicky?

Thanks especially to the Stimul crowd for making it all possible...


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