30 Apr 2011

End of April update.....

Lots going on at 3by3 HQ as usual, here's a round up of what's happening over the coming months.

First off, Cloaks have just completed their mix for Rob Booth's amazing Electronic Explorations podcast series. EE is an essential resource for hearing great new music so go and check it out if you aren't familiar. I'll post updates as to when our mix is going live on the blog and twitter, so go and subscribe/follow if you haven't already. The mix is a 3by3 label showcase and features forthcoming tracks from the Oyaarss and Devilman albums, along with unreleased gems from the rest of the roster, including Cloaks, Dead Fader, JK Flesh and Volt Music.

Next up, just a reminder that copies of Cloaks' Versions Grain LP Sampler 12" are still available but going fast. Head over to Boomkat to grab your copy.

On the horizon, the 8th label release is in the pipeline - the 9-track CD and download album of Versions Grain by Cloaks. Featuring versions and remixes from their 2009 debut, with contributions from Ancient Methods, JK Flesh, Legion Of Two, Dead Fader, Oyaarss, Devilman and Volt Music. The label is between distros at the moment but 008 will be first in production when everything settles. More news and promo stuff on this to come soon.

Also in development is the proper build of the 3by3music.com website, and debut albums from Oyaarss and Devilman. Head back soon for more updates.


11 Apr 2011

Friday floor-clearing.....

Thanks to everyone who came down to the Rough Trade Warehouse Party on Friday night. Really enjoyed hearing some Cloaks dubplates nice and loud for the first time. It was pure floor-clearing carnage.

Shouts to Bo Ningen, Cataract Operation, Rough Trade, Adverse Camber and everyone else who made it down.

Finally also managed to get the opportunity to put in some work with Ambigraph on the design of the proper 3by3 website. It's been a long time coming but it's getting to the stage where social networking pages are vexing me greatly, and a central hub of information with a proper news feed is the only way to go. The old holding page will be replaced soon with the full new build hopefully finished this side of winter.

Updates on the website as well as the Versions Grain CD/digital release, the forthcoming Oyaarss album and the forthcoming Devilman album, to follow very soon.

Remember to subscribe to the blog and follow 3by3 on twitter.


5 Apr 2011

Gig this Friday etc.....

The Versions Grain LP sampler is already shipping at Boomkat but will be available everywhere else this week. It's exclusive to vinyl and, with only 400 copies available ever, you need to get in quick before they're gone. More news to follow on the full CD and digital release very soon.

In other news, I'm gearing up for a Cloaks DJ/VJ set for Rough Trade this Friday at The Red Gallery, Rivington St, London. Would be great to see some heads down there.

I've got a whole bag of harsh treats ready and I'll be playing purely Cloaks and associated remixes of/from, including a whole bunch of new dubplates.

Visuals will be courtesy of our good friend Ameet Hindocha from Ambigraph. We're on first so arrive promptly for some early bird Cloaks carnage!

More information on the Rough Trade site over here - http://www.roughtrade.com/site/news_detail.lasso?story_id=1379