9 Apr 2012

JK Flesh - Posthuman promo 3 of 3.....

This is so close now, I can taste it! 3 weeks today, the JK Flesh debut full-length Posthuman drops proper. It's been a long time coming and is the biggest project I've tackled to date by a mile.

To finish off the promos, below is the third and final snippet - the absolutely brutal (and my personal favourite) Punchdrunk. By now, you can also hear snippets of all the tracks from the album at online retailers so this will be the last piece of audio from 3by3.

Label update to follow very soon with more information about pre-ordering the album, the Double LP and the launch of the 3by3 shop.

Very exciting to see this project finally come together, in no small-part due to the hard work of a few key individuals/companies, who I want to mention:
  • Mr Broadrick, obviously - gracious, patient and professional to the last.
  • Ameet & Anna Hindocha - Ambigraph provide virtually all 3by3 visuals and have put their stamp all over this project with an amazing combination of great photography, solid creative and inspired design.
  • Lauren Barley - Rarely Unable assisted with much-needed press support for the project and spread the word in a way I could never have hoped to. Chances are that 90% of you are reading this because she (indirectly) told you about it!
  • Optimum - Optimum Mastering in Bristol handled the audio masters and vinyl cutting. Amazing service as always; understanding, talented and professional.
  • SRD - Southern Record Distributors, 3by3's distribution partner. Supportive and professional as always, and like many distros, never credited.

Thanks to everyone for supporting!


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